Interface Center: Counseling and Psychotherapy

What is Psychotherapy/Counseling?

There are many different forms and styles of psychotherapy/counseling. Generally, psychotherapy consists of talking about the issues in your life. The goal is to help you cope with feelings as well as to develop healthier strategies and solutions to ultimately feel better. Sometimes family members are involved in the process. Although there are no guarantees, almost everyone experiences improvement in their emotional well- being. We have five therapists all with different backgrounds and styles (see individual descriptions). Either a specific therapist will arrange sessions directly with you, or we will match you with the most appropriate therapist in our practice given your needs and schedule.

Our sessions are 45 minutes long. The length of treatment depends on your issues and the rate of progress you make. We offer weekday and evening appointments.

Interface Center accepts most insurances and managed care plans. We accept several forms of payment including MasterCard and Visa.

Initially, your therapist will do an assessment of your current issue, take a history of past issues and events in your life, and obtain a history of any past treatment. In this process, your therapist will determine and recommend an appropriate course of action.

Generally a good therapeutic relationship is a good fit between the personality of the therapist, their professional philosophy and the needs and personality of the client. It is important to feel safe and comfortable with your therapist. All of the therapists at Interface Center offer a warm, accepting, and safe place for you.




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